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3.1 Subspecialties

     1) Hands & Microsurgery
     2) Musculoskeletal Oncology
     3) Spine Surgery
     4) Trauma (Orthopedics)
     5) Pediatric Orthopedics
     6) Sports Medicine
     7) Arthroplasty


3.2 Orthopedic Residency Training


     3.2.1 Residency Training

          Residency training had been commenced at 1975, 2 years after the general surgery training.. It had only one resident at the time and needed 3 years to complete the training. Now, there are 10 residents a year and it needs 4 years to finish the training program. Since 1995, Bhutanese doctors have entered into our training program. So far, there were 6 Bhutanese doctors who have finished the course and 3 doctors are still training at our institution.


     3.2.2 Fellowship

         Fellowship program has been a necessary mean of orthopedic training after the orthopedic knowledge have gone deeper and more sub specialized. At 2003, we started the first fellowship program in Hand and Microsurgery. Since then the other subspecialties have followed to fulfill the need of the sophisticated orthopedic fields. At present, 6 fellowship programs are being trained as

         1. Hand and Microsurgery
         2. Sports medicine
         3. Pediatric orthopedics
         4. Arthroplasty
         5. Spinal surgery
         6. Musculoskeletal oncology