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Lerdsin Hospital
Kanchanapisek Building
Lerdsin Hospital
OutPatient Building
Lerdsin Hospital
OutPatient Building
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Announcement from Lerdsin Hospital

lerdsin        Lerdsin Hospital has launched new online pre-registration service for the new as well as the previous registered patients aiming to reduce waiting time. This online pre-registration will need 5 days prior to the desired date to process. Patient who is interested in this new service please contact 02-3539801 ext 9621-2 in office hours from 8 am to 3:30 pm to make an appointment.

Hospital Lerdsin Telephone number 02-3539800-1

 public relations "Do not call the emergency life close to where the" emergency symptoms are as follows. Cardiac / severe breathlessness, unconsciousness, seizures, difficulty speaking unconsciously mouth crooked, dark green body. There are signs the crisis was accidental toxic poisonous animal bites. Get so much drug overdose call consultation and service support at 1669.

 Hospital Lerdsin Open a new patient card - The card old patients and to register in advance by phone at office hours 8:00 to 20:00 pm. Pre-register before 5 days please contact 02-353-9800-1. Direct relations 02-353-9938-9

 Hospital Lerdsin Open consultation, health and self-care. Every Wednesday and Friday from 08:00 to 11:00 hrs. In Building 5.

 The agency announced the bone and soft tissue tumors. Medical Specialist Orthopaedic disc set. "Bone Cancer Fund" to help patients with this disease. An arm and a leg for that. To encourage patients to occupational social work. Donations can be made to the donors. "Bone Cancer Fund" Foundation hospitals Lerdsin call 02-353-7337.

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